Praise for Collected Words

A captivating memoir by a keen observer about his life, the world and his heroes. including, Bach, the Bard, Emerson, Montaigne, and Raphael.  Described in depth and with passion.    

                       - Shelby White, Founding Trustee of the Leon Levy Foundation

Carll is an astute observer and an unflinchingly honest commentator on art, literature , the American condition, his family, his own foibles and so much more. He will make you laugh, but more importantly, he will make you think.     

                       - Peter D. Donnelly, Professor of Public Health, University of St. Andrews

A man & his word(s)! As friends who have known Carll (and Jane, love of his life) only in their Poughquag period, we enjoyed accounts of the half century that made him the man we know, in prose and poetry. Not to speak of the interestingly eclectic accounts of other loves we share, from opera to Monteverdi, and Shakespeare. 
                       - Eric Johnson, Professor of Business, Columbia University 
                           Elke Weber, Professor in Energy & the Environment, Princeton University


At times casual, at times both brutal and gentle, Carll’s compilation of essays ranks with the originator of that literary genre, Michel de Montaigne. Like Montaigne, he is honest and intelligent in his musings but takes it a step further through his extensive travel. To read these pages is to experience life as an American born in the Fifties — through young adulthood, a first marriage, fatherhood and literary careers. Stay on board for the literary culmination of a life well-examined that he came to experience through his love for Jane. A life brimming with culture and a cultured curiosity. In short, a life well-lived that he shares so generously with his readers.   
                       - Governor George Pataki & Libby Pataki

An eclectic mind ranges brilliantly across a landscape that includes literature, music, art, food, nature, and himself.

                       - Michael Kramer, Journalist & Author

Good Morning
 begins with a moving account of Carll Tucker’s childhood and traces his minutely detailed growth as an adult observer of the culture and politics of his time. 

                       - John Corigliano, Composer

Personal memories and reflections beautifully frame Carll Tucker’s dazzling and insightful sojourn through western culture and its practitioners. This engaging and passionate book teaches us, in no uncertain way, about what is valuable in our lives: beauty, books, art, and, most of all, love. A rich and inspiring book! 
                       - Teo Ruiz, Professor Emeritus, UCLA; 2011 National Humanities Medal recipient


Nothing has provided more consistent, provocative and intimate thoughts and insights than the daily readings I have been so lucky to receive from Carll. No other set of writings forces more nods of agreement, questions to be pondered, and even thoughts I occasionally disagree with.  Carll's writings have become a staple of my daily life like no other experience I have ever enjoyed!     

                      - Michael Sonnenfeldt, Founder & Chairman, Tiger 21

Carll’s world is wide and endlessly fascinating. He reads literature in great depth, hears music with joy and perception and lives his life passionately and to the fullest. This is reflected in his book which is a volume to treasure and give to friends - and to savor often and with pleasure.

                       - Sarah Billinghurst Solomon, Assistant Manager (Ret.), Metropolitan Opera

Carll’s words keep me company every morning. They may make me happy, sad, angry, thoughtful, glad, but I would no more miss them than my cup of coffee. A rare treat to share with friends.   

                     - Ann Ziff, Chair, Metropolitan Opera


Nibble at these choice morsels, and you’ll find yourself wanting to feast on these [or Carll Tucker’s] absorbing reflections about art, music, literature, travel, family, and love.  Bet you can’t eat just one!  
                      - Felicity Nussbaum, Distinguished Research Professor, UCLA